PrincessPonyta’s Giveaway Special! ;u;

What you will get:

  • Hello Kitty Art Kit
  • Chinese Cute Bunny Sign
  • Pink Lava Lamp
  • Hello Kitty Soap Dispenser
  • Hello Kitty Water Bottle
  • Hello Panda Cookie Treats
  • Giant Unicorn Stuffed Animal
  • Animal Hat
  • Light Up Cupcake Stuffed Animal
  • Finn & Jake Adventure Time Sticker
  • Hello Kitty Purse
  • Hello Kitty Toaster
  • Cat Bobbler
  • Hello Kitty Mini Stuffed Animal
  • Hello Kitty Candies
  • Hello Kitty Slap Bracelet
  • Hello Kitty Mac Make Up
  • Hello Kitty Jewelry Holder

You can reblog as many times as you want. Likes do not count.

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A random winner will be chosen Feb. 25, 2012!

Have fun! :33


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