Do you want to be ~tumblr famous~? Do you want hundreds of followers? The enter for a chance to be in my Blog Of the Week poll!

It’s that time again!! But this time it’s going to be bigger then ever!
On previous Blog Of the Week’s, I’ve only ever done five blogs in the poll. This time I’m choosing eight blogs!

To enter, you must:

  • Reblog this post! There is no limit so reblog to your heart’s content!!
  • Likes will not count! But feel free to like it if you wish!
  • You must be following me.

What the winner gets:

  • A screenshot promo twice a day for a week!
  • A link on my blog!
  • The unfollow tracker (if they want it)
  • Any html/coding help they may want for their blog!

Remember, the winner will be promoted to over 1,300 people twice a day! You could get 100+ followers!

You have until 9PM EST tonight!! So good luck & get reblogging!

(Winner will be chosen by random generator)


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