ok, so i decide to have another botw!

here are the rules:

  • mbf sextingatchurch [i check, if i choose you and you aren’t following, i’ll just pick someone else] and c-h-i-l-l-p-i-l-l-s (optional)
  • like this and ill kill you ok c:
  • must reach 60+ notes
  • i will choose 5-6 blogs and put them into a poll in february 28, the poll will end in march 4.

the winner will get:

  • blink & it’s over and/or narnia theme code -requested-
  • unlimited solo promos every week -when requested-
  • solo promos everyday on my queue to thousands of followers
  • a link on my blog
  • a banner -requested-
  • i will add you to my promos
  • help if you are on another poll
  • me being your slave for a week

and for the ones who were nominated, i will promo them when the poll ends!

so reblog and good luck!!

ps- i will check out every blog who reblogs this!


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